Saturday, November 20, 2010


Lying in bed, our feet were intertwined.

Our arms were outstretched, with hands touching shoulders.

The baby was between us, nursing, but with her feet tucked up under her father.

From above, we were all the shape of a heart, with Cupid's arrow running through us.

Monday, November 8, 2010

My friend's dream...

HowDoYouMountain - Your Mountain - HowDoYouMountain

My friend Nicole wants to go and blog and work for this fantastic place... this is her application video. Please vote for her!

She is the hot one in orange - "Nicole- the ultimate mountain enthusiast"

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Various Photos

This is from our trip to Georgia to see my dear parents, sister and my niece and nephew. That's my niece sitting pretty next to us.

It was such a fun trip. I love watching my parents being grandparents.

This was from storytime tonight. I wanted to take a picture of the baby in her pajamas to send to my aunt. But we also splurged and bought three new books today - (Shh! Don't tell daddy, we're on a budget and were supposed to go to the library) but look at that face - and $3 books for $20, what a bargain.

We bought one of my favorites from childhood - Snowy Day by Ezra Keats. And we also got We're Going on a Bear Hunt - which I want to memorize for car rides and a bedtime book that is simple, but with great illustrations and good tone - you can gradually get to a whisper, and that is Emmah favorite thing at bedtime.

These are the outtakes from our Halloween photo shoot for Facebook. The combination of Daddy's arm and the barcode on the ball made this one a reject, but I love how happy she is in it.

And Mr. T. Who doesn't love a beautiful baby girl dressed up as Mr. T - I pity the fool.

So I am supposed to write a novel this month. It's nano-writing month. Talk to me December 1st and we'll see.