Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Ugly side of Facebook

Yesterday, my darling husband posted a photo of me on Facebook that I think is very unflattering. Here it is:

I think I look like a crazed maniac. I am worried my sister-in-law will stop trusting me to play with her adorable children. Am I wrong?

I prefer for the Internet to see me looking like this:

Calm, happy, with hair in place and makeup on - eating some cake. And don't we all love some cake. (Right Bo? Cue gratuitious nephew photo here)

So if you are comfortable with a little remote mind-control, I encourage you to gaze at the second picture and think fondly of me. Maybe say a little "Om" or other mantra. Go to your happy place. And let's forget that other picture ever existed.


Kimberli Cox said...

Yes, FB. The hall of horrors for me. You'll note some "friends" from college posted pics of me with rather unfortunate permed 80s hair and clothing. anti-emetic might be a good idea before looking at those photos.

Kathryn said...

Oh I loved seeing those photos of you! You are always beautiful - that's how I've always described you and Rob... as my blonde and beautiful cousins from California!

Hope you are doing well! Sending my love.

Kimberli Cox said...

Aww...thanks. Rob and I always did take after Dad's side of the family in terms of coloring. I'm doing well although suffering a bit frm spring allergies. I love my trees and having the windows sux having to stay inside when its mid 70s outside. :=(