Thursday, April 30, 2009

Revoking Citizenship and Radio Silence

Ah... the Spring - when students begin to crumple under the weight of their load, and Kleenex crumple under the weight of the pollen in the air.

I am a bad friend, a bad blogger, and numerous other things in the Spring. My responsibilities more than double, and I feel the pressure nearly 24 hours a day. It's beginning to wain, and I am feeling decidedly more optimistic about life in general.

Now, that being said, I am about to say something so blasphemous that I am certain that I will be deported from the great state of Pennsylvania immediately. I am kind of glad that THIS THING is happening (click on that link).

I am always sad to see museums deaccession works, but not in this case. I am not a Wyeth fan. Never have been. I don't understand the never ending hype about him. And here in PA, it's seriously never ending.

Oh no, they are here... handcuffs and leg-irons in hand, ready to take me off to another state, or maybe even will send me out of the country. Has Guantanamo officially closed? I hope I am not their last official prisoner... but I fear I may not be so lucky.

Warn your children... the first amendment does not extend to revered and overly exhibited painters! Save yourselves... keep quiet! Yes, I'm talking to you over there... the one about to say something bad about American Gothic or Norman Rockwell... DO NOT DO IT! It willl beeeee bread and water for yoooouuuu.....


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