Tuesday, May 12, 2009

From one hero to another.

Little known fact about me, that even I forget: my hair did not get curly until I hit puberty. Did you know that hormones can mutate your hair folicles? Well now you do.

On our way back from the airport this afternoon, my sweet husband and I were talking about our respective trips: mine to my grandmother's funeral and his to his dear friend's graduation.

I told him about spending time with my family - how nice it was to be together and how great it was to be able to be together, laugh together and cry together. I adore them and feel such gratitude for their constant support and love. I feel much less raw than in the last post, much more at peace, having given a very sweet woman a very sweet send-off. With much respect and love.

So Charles had a similar weekend - the same joy of sharing the nostagia of childhood and the same happiness of being with people who love and adore you.

ONE EXCEPTION: he met someone FAMOUS.

He was telling me about meeting all these wonderful people doing good work in Public Health - which is what his friend will be doing with his new fancy degree. He mentioned meeting someone from the Harvard School of Public Health. I mentioned that my uncle just graduated from there. He said, "Well, you should ask your uncle if he knows Paul Farmer."


I nearly fainted. Good thing he was driving.

I sputtered off an explanation of how amazing the work he has done is. At his remarkable drive to heal people that most people do not care about. At how I feel he is so similar to my own remarkable aunt and uncle - and their continued commitment to the field of medicine. Model doctors. Model world citizens.

I made him drive me to the bookstore to buy a copy of Mountains beyond mountains for him to read - so he could be impressed by the sweet guy, who just happens to be a trustee at his friends new alma matar, and who now knows him as "Charlie Chaplain."

Gosh, I love my husband. Although I did joke with him that he was the worst husband in the world for not taking me with him. Just jokes - he's the best in my book.

So I left one hero back in Michigan to be greeted with storie of another. Unbelievable.

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