Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Mini-Reviews or My Life with my new Laptop.

I narrowly escaped a life of boredom by the arrival of my new laptop. While I still can't get the wireless speed to a level that will allow me to watch TV online, I have been enjoying many a DVD. So here are my mini-reviews of the most recent ones.

M: Filmed in 1931 and used by the Nazi's as a propaganda film against sexual deviancy, this film is extraordinarily sophisticated in subject and execution (pun intended). I wish I were back in college so I could watch this film for class and then have a discussion group about capital punishment. Maybe if I'm ever a college professor, I will. At some point I'll tell you the other things this movie brought up for me... remind me, would you?

The Bicycle Thief: Yes, I got on a historical film kick... this one is post WWII, Italian, and it also is beautiful, thoughtful, and nuanced for this time in film. A young family tries to navigate their economic desperation during the depression that followed the war. Tragic and beautiful.

My Beautiful Laundrette: This is a mid-80's classic. Cheesy, boring, and confusing. Daniel Day Lewis is in it. Netflix told me I would like it. They were wrong. I recommend alot of alcohol and an 80's party theme if you are dying to check this out. I feel really bad about the hour and a half that my friend spent watching this with me. She'll never get that time back.

The Lives of Others: At Oscars time I couldn't believe there was a movie that beat Pan's Labyrinth out for Best Foreign Language Film, but now I understand. Ulrich Muhe, who plays the secret police officer, is brilliant - He could convey so much expression with a nearly expressionless face. Sex, intrigue, writing, and personal integrity are the main themes. The last line of the movie is touching in its double entendre.

I've got Finding Neverland and Central Station at home. I can't wait for both of them!

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