Friday, November 2, 2007

Taxicab Expressions

I was very late this morning. I overslept by over an hour, so I had to do everything quickly... even with my breakneck speed, I missed my "walking to work buddies," I missed the bus, and since I've been late alot and leaving early even more - I needed to get to work on time.

Flush with cash from my recent paycheck, I decided on a tiny luxury: a taxi halfway to work. My good fortune continues - as usual - and I not only got a ride to work, but I got a lesson in philosophy from Claude, cab driver and sage.

Here are his bon mots for the day:

"There are three kinds of crazy people:

Those that are just naturally crazy.

Those that were poor and become rich.

And those that were rich and become poor.

So consider yourself lucky. Being positive will be your best defense against crazy

Thanks Claude. You rock.

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