Monday, January 7, 2008

Holidays 2008: The Recap

I really cannot express how wonderful the last three weeks has been. It was a nearly perfect combination of a little work, a lot of rest, and wonderful time spent with friends and family.

I'll just give you a few ideas of what it was like, to be followed up with more specific explanations later...

Best early break moment: Opening my eyes at 1:38pm, and turning over for fifteen more minutes without any guilt. Gosh, having nothing to do was so refreshing.

Best Christmas moment: Singing carols and sharing stories at my friend's house. It was sweet and special to be holding her sleeping baby, singing my favorite carols, and surrounded by the people I love.

Best new vocabulary word: Callipygian meaning having shapely buttocks.

Best present: My sister's financial and verbal insistance that I go to Maine. It was a wonderful time to reconnect with my amazing family and restore my focus on all things.

Best yoga class: Yin Yoga with Corina at Wake Up West. A great way to release tension just before the holiday madness.

Best nature moment: Snowshoeing with my aunt and cousin. (more later)

Best musical moments: A three-way tie: Listening to Charles sing carols, Listening to my cousin and uncle play, and Listening to the CD mixes that my other cousin made upon returning home.

Biggest current worry: The state of affairs in Kenya.

Biggest future worry: Making sure I get to help my sister when my niece or nephew is born.

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craige said...

Did you sleep until 1pm or take a nap??