Monday, January 28, 2008

Restaurant Review: Fork.

I had a lovely dinner with some colleagues at Fork Restaurant in Philadelphia (3rd and Market.) The ambiance was lovely. The hostess and wait staff were friendly and professional. The waiting area was welcoming and the bar was nice.

The salads looked good. My water glass was always full. The desserts looked so good we almost stole half-eaten ones off other people's tables on the way out.

I have just one complaint: my risotto.

I have been mostly vegetarian and meat-squimish since I was 12. Fork is not super veggie friendly, but I was expecting that.

I chose the sea scallops with black risotto and calamari. I figured that the calamari would be a little crispy side thing I could avoid. But instead, the calamari was sauteed or perhaps stewed along side the risotto... so it was kind of like eating the most delicious sea scallops ever in their natural habitat... trying not to be eaten by the creature from the black lagoon. Little tentacles would poke out of the risotto, offering up at suction cupped limb as if in need of assistance. It was a touch disturbing and definitely distracted me from the wonderful and perfectly cooked sea scallops.

Regardless, if you are adventurous, you will like Fork. You may even LOVE it.

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