Thursday, June 19, 2008

Back... oh my... back.

I am back from the Las Vegas Showgirls of Weddings in beautiful Tulum, Mexico.

Unlimited snacks, yoga everyday, herds of Russians and Romanians, fire-dancers, tango-dancers... I have to stop. It all makes my head swim.

But one afternoon of forgetting to reapply my sunscreen has me miserable. I look like I have leprosy. My skin is angry, peeling, and making me twitch. I had to sedate myself last night just to get to sleep.

But in the yin/yang of life, this is small price to pay for such an amazing week. I took ZERO pictures (no time), bought ZERO souvenirs (no time), but have the most amazing memories that vary from sweet, quiet moments with friends to BIG, AMAZING FEATS OF FORTITUDE!

My speech went well. The whole thing was exactly how it should have been: crazy, emotional, chaotic, and beautiful.

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