Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Vacation Days.

One of the strange parts of my life is that I have an ENORMOUS amount of time off, but can rarely actually take a vacation. I try to use a day here and a day there, but its never enough time.

I can roll 20 days a year over, but I always lose a couple of days into the ether. It KILLS me to let that time go.

In an effort to use some of it before the end of the fiscal year, I will be out of the office the rest of the week. Out of the office, with no plans, with very little on the horizon, and with little money to invest in going somewhere or doing anything terribly interesting.

Here is what I plan to do:
1) Call people. Say hello. Tell them I love them.
2) Go for long walks.
3) Clean my house.
4) Do some goal-setting.
5) Visit some friends.

If you have any big parties you're throwing this weekend or next. Or if you are desparate to be one of the people that I call or visit, please let me know.

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