Monday, July 20, 2009

Magic number: 10,000

I am in the process of reading Malcolm Gladwell's Outliers right now. There is something about the way that he slowly begins to beat you over the head with his thesis that leaves me slightly annoyed and wanting to disprove him.

That small detail aside, there are already a few interesting things in the book (I'm only 50 pages in). The first chapter is COMPELLING and really makes you think this book will change the way you view life in general. The rest, eh?

But one concept he talks about in great detail is the rule of 10,000 hours. Basically, if you want to be great at anything, you need to have spent about 10,000 hours practicing doing it. Talent is an empty ideal - time spent doing things is the real measure of success.

This is a very interesting concept, and one that I quite believe to be true. In my job, I watch women struggle with reaching their goals and making changes to their lives, and the ones that seem to succeed are the ones that put alot of time and energy into the whole process. They are the same folks that would have practiced their piano or written every night in their diary. They do NOT give up. They just keep plugging away at things, until they reach their goals.

So, how much time do I really spend on reaching my goals? Good question. I am quick to let distractions derail me, and I think this book will reinvigorate a sense of discipline! Let's hope at least.

Now the other 10,000 - steps. My acupuncturist, the sweet woman, would like me to lose 20 pounds. Easy for her to say! But I have slowly started working on increasing the intensity of my workouts and making sure I don't take any days off. So far it's working. We'll see tonight when I weigh myself again. But in addition to my normal workouts, I am going to try to ensure I get the recommended 10,000 steps in everyday. My darling Miss Maria is going to give me a pedometer! Yeah!

So there you go... 10,000 hours and steps... my two new goals.


gretchen_diehl said...

i love this. i am going to start logging my art hours like an anal-retentive jerk. 10,000 here i come!

Kathryn said...

Miss Gretchen, remember to count the number of hours that you have already spent on it! I hazard to guess that you are already firmly in "expert" territory with your art... hence why all of us love it so.

But don't let me de-motivate! Anal-ly track those minutes... I'll even create a nice spreadsheet for you if you like!

(P.S. have you noticed I'm very prone to "!" exclamations today... I feel like I'm yelling or some kind of overly bouncy aerobics teacher. I'll try to tone down my punctuation immediately.)