Thursday, July 16, 2009


It's summer and I cannot be expected to think or write in any structured fashion. Spelling for example is falling by the wayside. But I still have things to say.

Like for example: How would the demographics of those people that are executed change if we started applying the death penalty for company officials that are found guilty of bribery? Seems like the number of people executed in Texas would actually go up.

That's a joke... sort of.

Now, also on my mind are things like flip-flops. Like how I want to stop wearing the ratty ones I own, but I cannot bring myself to buy a new pair of shoes to replace them. So instead, I look cute from the ankles up and trashy in the foot department. For gosh sakes, I don't even have toe-nail polish on right now. That hasn't happened in the summer since 1995.

Other items on my mind:
- Why does it seems strange to me that Tony Blair is going to head up the EU?
- Why am I tanaphobic? Both afraid to get more color on my skin and afraid of overly tanned people.
- Why can't I form coherent thoughts when the mercury rises above 85 degrees?
- Why can I drink a glass of water and feel like the room just cooled down by 5 or 10 degrees?


gretchen_diehl said...

you're afraid of tans because, like me, you are medievally beautiful. and you are afraid of overly tan people because they remind you of oompa-loompa's and you have always been made uncomfortable by bad choreography performed by troupes of costumed and exploited midgets.

Kathryn said...

For the record, I prefer the term "little people."

But yes, I have always been made to feel uncomfortable by bad choreography, bad costumes, and exploited people - or any combination therein.