Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hit the ground running.

Like my handy photo work? Fancy, right?

Well, I didn't feel like getting a usage release from the others in the photo, so there you go... now you can only really see me. And my Cheshire-cat of a husband.

But so see how the picture makes it look like we are all disolving? That's what I feel like, I took my vacation too late in the summer... too close to the start of classes, and now all my relaxation and fun is dissolving too soon.

I guess that everyone suffers from this, but I usually avoid it by not taking long vacations. I miss the freedom. I miss the lack of stupid drama. I miss taking naps in the afternoon and doing fun, active things with my husband.

... oh the poor man... he is going to suffer from the same thing... BIG TIME... but not until next week, when he starts back to the jobs AND school. I best go home and be nice to him... encourage him to be lazy while he has the chance.

That's my plan for the evening. Help my husband be lazy.

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