Monday, August 3, 2009

One step at a time.

I am wearing my new pedometer today. So far, I've walked 3,861 out of my required 10,000 steps - and it's only 10:30am!

The problem is that I sit at a desk all day. No steps are taken. We'll see how I do, I have a few things I have to walk to: the gym, the drugstore to pick up my prescription, lunch, and the train.

But if anyone I work with wants to call me for an impromptu "meeting" in your office, that would be great... every step counts.

I also have new shoes - a gift from my husband. I love him!

3:44pm: 5,114 steps. Only halfway! I may be pacing back and forth in the apartment tonight to get my required steps in!

************2nd Update***********************
9:15pm: 12,757 steps. That translates to: 8.3 km, and 572.6 calories - and I didn't even wear it during my gym workout!

So where did I walk?
- To and from the train station
- To and from the drugstore
- To and from the burrito place.

That is it! I didn't even go anywhere special. This is totally doable.

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