Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I miss your face.

I was looking at my Facebook profile page today, and I realize that I created something like 4 photo albums this summer. In almost the same amount of time this fall, I have created exactly zero.

What happened?

Well, you see... the Fall and Spring semesters are SO much crazier than the summer months at the college, that I can barely keep up with the basics: food, laundry, dishes - let alone make plans with friends, remember to bring a camera, and find the time to upload the images afterwards.

Also - with my husband in school full-time while maintaining two jobs - it becomes increasingly more difficult to get us in the same room, at the same time - and awake. I am considering starting a "Sleep" album with pictures of us asleep - particularly cat-napping - which is a skill that we both are very good at.

But, with the big FIRST anniversary rapidly approaching on Sunday, I will try to get at least one picture of us posted - so everyone can be witness to our bliss (read: exhaustion).

And if you are one of the myriad folks that I usually see that I have not seen recently due to exhaustion and/or scheduling - rest assured, I miss your face.

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