Monday, October 12, 2009

I'm back.

I have been sick for almost a week, but I am finally back at work. I might be a little grumpy... with all the sniffling and such I have been doing. But today, I've noticed a few things.

one: other sick people

I brought liquids, kleenex and hard-candies on the train to ensure that I would make it through without anyone near me feeling like I was spreading my germs. How was I rewarded? A woman behind me sneezed violently all over me. Yes, I could feel and smell it. EW.ew.Ew.

two: other tired people

I know that I am extremely tired. I had to catch the early train to compile some info for my boss. But there was a man in the quiet car this morning that was snooring so loudly that I could not nap myself. People moved seats - this was like sleep apnea stuff - not pleasant.

three: work is hard

I have a busy job and even though my sickness fortunately coincided with Fall Break, I still had over 200 emails in my inbox this morning. I will not finish the work that they contained today. I might not even finish this week. It is daunting.

four: afternoon naps are fun

How will I live without my nap today? I just don't know how to get through without that sweet little 3-hour snooze. Sheesh - I need a recliner in my office.

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