Monday, November 16, 2009

Anniversary Alert!

There are funnier bloggers. Prettier bloggers. More dedicated bloggers. There are bloggers with amazing photography skills. There are bloggers with more people on their blog roles than I have in my email contacts - and I mean the gmail one that saves every email I have ever sent from that account.

Are you getting my drift?

I am not the best. Nor do I pretend to be.

But, this little blog of mine, well, it's 3 years old.

It's walking and talking, it can carry a tune - and it's beginning to have a mind of its own.

And I plan to continue writing. Because the last 3 years have been great. Sure, 450 posts in 3 years might not win me any consistency awards, but I have truly enjoyed the process and hope to have really good, meaningful things to say someday.

Will it morph into a pregnancy or mommy blog? - It might sometimes feel that way to those of you that are not engaged in either of those things, but I have always felt this was a place for me to explore things that are really important to me. So the sky is the limit.

Kisses to you all for hanging in there with me. Let's hope the next 3 years have just as many wonderful milestones as the last 3! And thanks for coming along for the ride.

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