Thursday, November 12, 2009

Insults that are true:

Did you get dressed in the dark?!?

Why yes, I did.

The light bulb in our bedroom blew out first thing this morning. And in the bleak light of early morning, I could barely discern teal from purple. And forget the mangled mess of my tights - so I just went without.

The outfit? It could be worse. But it's not great.

What else am I in the dark about?


My wonderful sister in law brought presents upon presents for us last night- including several awesome swahili-english dictionaries and such. One really cute one has pictures for everything. So there will be a picture of a chicken, the word chicken and the word kuku. It's going to be very helpful.

But there were some peculiarities also. Like the picture of the Tiger, the word tiger and then the swahili phrase that translates to "Like a leopard, but from Asia and big."

Why not just put a picture of a leopard instead and skip the lesson about tigers altogether? Perhaps if someone asks about a tiger, say "we don't have them here." Questions like these will remain unanswered. Mysteries for all time.

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