Friday, March 19, 2010

Daddy's Girl.

One of the cutest parts of being this pregnant is trying to assign personality traits to our little lady, even while still in-utero.

There is one thing that I feel fairly confident about... she is a daddy's girl already.

How do I know this? Well, let me tell you.

For MONTHS, whenever he is home, she starts moving more when she hears his voice. And about a month ago, we were sitting on the sofa one night and I swear she moved her whole body so she would be closer to his voice. She doesn't have room to do that now, but I bet she would if she could.

She also likes to kick him. If we are laying in bed, with my belly touching any part of him, then she likes to kick him! This past weekend they had some kind of kick-pat communication thing going on... and I was all, like "um, nice you all are having fun, but mama is trying to sleep here!"

I've always wondered what started this. He does have a great voice and a wonderful laugh. I am usually alone chilling when he comes in... so there is not a lot of distractions. But I really think that she must get some kind of endorphin rush from me when he comes home. I just love him so much, she must know. If she doesn't know now, she will soon - I cannot hide how happy I am to see him when he comes in from work, I cannot keep from following him around to hear how his day went, and I only stop if I realize there is some small thing that I can do to make his day better - like maybe a cup of tea or something. And in return, he is so sweet and kind and gentle - and recently he has developed this knack for seeming to never tire of the million things I need help with. From reaching tupperware containers to building furniture - no one should be able to muster that much enthusiasm for such mundane tasks. But let me tell you, I appreciate it more than I can say.

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