Monday, March 15, 2010

Third times a charm...

Yesterday we went to church to find out what we needed to do to get ready to baptize our little lady after she's born. It's all fairly easy, just one class that we'll do at the end of this month.

BUT, while we are there, we found out that the church had never processed our "special dispensation" form - allowing Charles to marry me and making the marriage legitimate in the eyes of the Catholic church.

So, are we living in sin?

(this was all just an elaborate event to fool people)

Not really, we are living in bureaucracy. And so some time after the baby is born, we'll have to re-fill out the forms, submit them, and have our marriage blessed by a Catholic priest.

I find this funny, since we had two Episcopal priests marry us (Hi MoM! Hi Dad!) and a third that renewed our wedding vows about 8 months later. We went to premarital counseling and we filled out the appropriate paperwork and met twice with a different Catholic priest.

It just shows that some people don't play well with one another!

But I do like the idea of dressing up and dressing our little lady up in order to have a fresh blessing of our marriage. If Charles wants to recommit to me with all my new stretch marks and by that point the new dark circles under my eyes, then I am all for it!

In the meantime, we are marriage limbo - recognized by some but not all. And with me not wearing my wedding ring, it's getting positively scandalous around these parts!

(Maybe we just wanted to jump straight to this...?)

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