Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Half Birthday

October 13, 2010 - Baby Emmah is six months old!

Things I want to remember:
- How you have become like a cartoon character baby, laughing and laughing, but also violently pooping and vomiting at random and shocking moments.
- Speaking of pooping, now that you're eating solids, things are more difficult. You look up at me like, "Mom, help!" And I just say, "You're okay, you can do it!" It's our little thing. And I am happy to support you in whatever way you need me. Oh, but I will laugh when you fart at interesting or embarrassing times!
- How when you are in bed with both of us, you will stretch your arms straight out so that you can have one hand on mom and one had on dad.
- Speaking of Dad. Gosh, what a lovefest. You have a relationship that does not include me, and I LOVE that. And luckily you both love me, so I'm never far away.
- You are sitting and it's wonderful. Today at the library, I plopped you down on the carpet, went and got some books and then came back to read them to you. So much easier than trying to lean over while holding you to sort through the bins of board books. And infinitely easier than juggling an armful of books and more than an armful of baby at the same time.
- In fact holding you and doing other things has become much more challenging now that you can grab things lightning fast. Where do they end up. Your mouth. Time to babyproof!

- How you "get" it now. You want to eat when we are eating. You see your toys and you want to play with them. You are focused on whatever we are focused on. Good and Bad. So you have an obsession with the remote, our phones, and the computer. Of course you do, those are the three things that distract us away from you most frequently. When I see this, it makes me turn them off and play with you.
- I LOVE to dress you up. But I really don't care for always making you "a princess" or some other uber-feminine gender stereotype, and so people often say how handsome my son is. Or things like "wow, he's gonna be a flirt and a heartbreaker." Because you are beautiful, regardless of race or gender. I get a little too much into the theme of the activity - overalls for the farm fair, all black for when your goth cousin came for a visit, etc.

- Sleep is still our biggest obsession. Although on our trip to Maine I discovered you sleep easily through the night when in bed with me. Slowly, we're getting you back into your crib, but its hard on both of us, because you are so snuggly and warm when you are right there an inch away.
- You are such a love. As long as you are not bored, hungry or tired, you are a dream baby - SO fun. I love to snuggle with you, love to make you laugh, and love that we are spending our lives together.

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OhanaMama said...

Love love love this! What a sweet tribute to a sweet Emmah.