Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sh*t Storm

It was raining all day.

We missed our playdate due to illness.

Charles' uncle passed away suddenly.

Then shortly after he went to work, the baby had one of those epic movements that soils everything - the outfit, the carseat, me, my purse, the changing pad, everything. I had poo on my shoulder.

How does one get poo on their shoulder?

So then I spent the rest of the night walking back and forth with the baby to and from the laundromat. Because of course I couldn't use the carseat until I cleaned the cover.

Now it's nearly 9pm, I haven't eaten since noon, I have laundry to fold. And Charles doesn't come home until this time tomorrow night.


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OhanaMama said...

Ohhhh nooooooo! So sorry to hear that. It's moments like that that make a stable woman break down.

Hope today is calmer and drier for both of you.