Sunday, December 5, 2010


I've been sick this week, and so I have been procrastinating things that I want to do until I'm "better."

But I realized at some point today that I've been procrastinating these same things for months, years, and sometimes decades. Because they are the same things that I always procrastinate: 1) working out, 2) finding time to take care of financial planning stuff, 3) figuring out how to get stuff done without asking anyone for help.

So just for one week, I'm going to try not to procrastinate any of this stuff. Here is my "To Do" list for the week:
- workout every weekday morning (just for 10 minutes, c'mon, I can do that.)
- chain my husband to the table for 20 minutes and get our life insurance scenario figured out and signed up for.
- figure out a babysitter for a few hours next week so I can honor my promise to my old job to help out with two last things. (And then not make any more promises that will cost me money when I am not making any!)
- write another short story.
- do one thing for myself, BY MYSELF, in honor of my birthday. I feel like I am in danger of becoming one of those overweight, miserable women who don't even brush their hair because it seems too much effort in the monotonous chaos of their lives. I know we are saving every cent, but I really want to preserve any shred of confidence and identity I can.

I know this is a bit whiny, but it's the necessary self-kick in the butt that I need. And I need to document it.

Oh, and I totally missed this little blog's birthday - four years old! I really have to decide it's future direction. Any feedback would be great - since I'm not really sure it's as high up on my priorities list as it once was.


OhanaMama said...

It's totally good to have a little butt-kicking, but I know I didn't come up for air until my son was like 1.5. So hopefully you'll find time to take care of yourself and feel some non-baby-related joy, but if it doesn't all fit, don't sweat it.

Hey- when is your birthday?

Kathryn said...

Thanks Angela - I think the holidays are especially stressful when you have a little one. I don't want to try to keep up with the jones' but the pressure to is enormous. And this is the time when I really feel the fact that my family is not close. (and Charles being knee-deep in finals is no fun either... our precious moments are further and further between.)

But there you go... I'll try to find a bit more positivity before Friday - which is my birthday.

Kali said...

Hey, Kathyrn: Hey! Happy Birthday and Happy Blog Birthday. I am faithful reader (as you know), and I guess I kind of like where the blog has been going! Your honesty about new momhood has been great. Just today I was thinking about how we need maps now, that our lives are not neatly planned out us for us, anymore. I just realized its been there in your blog (for me anyway). So, I don't think you need to change much but recognize how this blog has become a living map......

Kathryn said...

Oh Kali, thank you so much for your comments. And your words are very wise. I love the idea of the words I write being a living map with uneven topography (typography? heh, heh...bad pun) and messy routes, but none the less something that can get you to a new spot if you are lost.