Friday, April 6, 2007

A typical Spring Day...

Good Friday. Such a sad, lamentful day.

But Maunday Thursday! My Gosh, did I have a day.

6am: Alarm goes off
7:05: Leave house for train
8:20: Get to work
9:00: Greet VIP guests who would be using my office all day
9:30-11:30: Try to continue my day as usual while simultaneously helping VIPs, keeping all my appointments with students, and all without use of my computer.
11:30: Go to meeting instead of lunch
12:30-2pm: Resume meetings
2pm: Eat breakfast bar - first meal of the day
4pm: Rush VIPs out the door and slip into a lecture, already in progress
5pm: Leave work and catch train
6:30pm: Eat lunch standing in the kitchen
7pm: Meet my new, fun friend Charles
8pm: Eat dinner at fabulous Greek restaurant
9:15pm: Leave Charles to meet colleague Jeanette for Work-related magazine event
10:45pm: Decide I might die if I don't leave and go catch train home.
11:15pm: Catch train
12:30am: Get home, try to prepare things for today
1:15am: Lay down to go to sleep

The alarm was so cruel this morning at 6am. I am supposed to be fasting, but after yesterday, I thought I might faint if I did. So I'm feeling guilty today.

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