Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Oh Lord, Give me Strength!

Tonight is the opening reception for our Senior Show. We invite 4,000 people, but I'm hoping for 600... even with the rain.

But mixed liberally within that 600 people are a couple that I don't want to see:

- my old boss, who pushes crazy and awkward to new heights every time I see her.

- a recent grad that just this week decided she didn't like my advice, so went to a very gossip-stricken faculty person to tell him how awful I am at my job. (Keep in mind, she was about to commit "career suicide" but now that's my fault.)

- a woman that owns a gallery in a western suburb that drinks WAY too much.

But after today, I will return to thinking the world is a lovely place. I will continue on my path to try to help those in need.

But for today, I just want to make it through!

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