Wednesday, May 16, 2007

What would you have done?

Lately there have been a series of things that have been serious tests for my conscience. I have an example of one from this morning.

I was walking to work, gorgeous day, perfect temperature and I see a bird on the ground. At first I thought it was just sitting there, then I thought it might be dead, and finally I realized it was wounded.

I stopped to look at it. It looked at me.

Then I kept going.

I just simply could not figure out what to do. Should I euthanize it? There is no way I could put a poor bird out of its misery. Should I call someone? Really, in the middle of downtown Philadelphia at rush hour, who would come? Should I pick it up? Would that help or just scare the poor bird to death? Then what if I did? Should I call the vet?

It reminds me of my saying "Whose job is it to care?" that I use to remind myself that it is all of our jobs to care about everyone that is here on the planet. But does that extend to birds?

I'm waiting to hear. What would you have done?

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