Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Lunches with Jeanette

I have had two days in a row of lunches with my co-worker Jeanette. Both days were filled with fascinating, somewhat shocking incidents.

Imagine the scene... sandwiches and gazpacho from the bakery LeBus and conversation in Rittenhouse Park until a film crew came up to an empty spot on the bench next to us. We spent the next twenty minutes watching a photo shoot/documentary of an older man who was clearly a singer. Oddly, the whole shoot centered around his reading the newspaper.

At the same time, I noticed out of the corner of my eye that the creepy guy who had cat-called us a few minutes earlier had followed us into the park and was watching us from behind a large, stone planter.

We took our leave of the craziness, checking periodically to ensure the stalker didn't continue to follow us and headed to our next destination: La Columbe Coffee Shop. Cheaper than Starbucks, but staffed by egotistical hipsters, it is always dicey whether you will be cool enough for decent service on any given day. We were unlucky and got snarky service.

Outside La Columbe, an elderly woman was hit by a car. Jeanette and I tried to be concerned citizens and tried hard not to rubberneck. Luckily we were on foot, thus not contributing to the traffic stoppage. The ambulance came and the woman was taken to a nearby hospital. She seemed responsive, so hopefully she's okay. It's not a good feeling to see a woman laying on the concrete and a car at a weird angle in front of her. I hope I never see it again.

Jeanette and I again went for sandwiches. This time we saw Animal Rights protesters wearing only nude bikini bottoms and body paint. The dialogue around this protest was not-at-all about Animal Rights, but more like "they were Naked" and "no, they had panties on." I tried to emphatically convey to Jeanette that there is nothing I care enough about to be naked in the city. She was most concerned that they were barefoot.

Really, what could be next? Film crews, accidents, and public nudity. I adore Jeanette, but I'm afraid of what else could happen! I wonder if this will be what my new life in the city is like... weird stuff everywhere, causing barely a ripple... no pun intended.

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