Wednesday, May 2, 2007

A dip in the shallow end of the pool...

I've been struggling since this week's People magazine cover with Drew Barrymore on it.

For those of you who missed it, see above.

Back in the dark ages of my childhood, I was often told that I looked like her. When E.T. came out, many in our small town fed my ego with regular comparisons. You can see an example of the kind of childhood cuteness we're talking about above.

While I'm more committed to working to end poverty and genocide in the world, I have begun to think "Could I look like her again?"
This has me thinking of a challenge of sorts. Spending the summer trying to be more active and healthy, shedding a touch of weight, and then going through a "drew-like" makeover, nothing drastic, just some highlights and a temporary straightening.
Maybe it will go really well and People will want to do a profile on my celeb-weight-loss-before-and-after thing.
Okay, maybe I don't actually want that kind of exposure, but I'm still going to use this as a point of inspiration.

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