Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Stream on Conciousness

I watched Walk the Line this week. I know I'm over a full year behind the rest of the world, but I enjoyed it. More than the film, I enjoyed the director's commentary. While watching the Film, the director talked quite a bit about Johnny Cash's father-in-law - Ezra Carter.

This got me thinking about Ezra Pound, a poet I like quite a lot.

So I went internet searching and found some of my favorite, sweetly simple Ezra Pound poems online.

I also found an interesting fact: Ezra Pound met William Carlos Williams while at Penn. Just down the street from two of my favorite poets met and influenced each other wildly.

It brings to mind all the wonderful people I've met through Penn. And the fact that I would very much like to complete my graduate studies there. Have I already met my William Carlos Williams, or is he there waiting for me to come and study?

As if this post is not full of enough random thoughts strung together in a less-than-meaningful way. I was surprised to find alot of literature about Ezra Pound's anti-semitism - having concentrated on my own associations of his words, not having read much about him or his politics. (Yes, yes, I do live under a rock)

I am keenly interested in anti-semitism from that World War II era. Anyone have any suggestions for further reading. Let's just call it research for an idea that's percolating.

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