Saturday, March 15, 2008

Beware the Ides of March ... little baby...

My sister is in labor! It started last night after dinner, continuing through the night. I am so excited and wishing I was in Boston with her. Instead, I'll be sending her strength. I'll be wishing her peace. And I'm looking forward to stories about how it all goes.

By this time next week, Charles and I will be there with her and the baby (and her husband and my dad too.) I can't wait!

Now, I can't help but hope that the little one has chosen this day to be born for a reason. Does it know the historical significance? Or is that the whole point - perhaps it will be a boy, Julius Caesar reincarnated - come to restore the empire to its natural order - maybe a different empire though - one that looks for peace and unity. One that sees an end to greed, an end to power as a destructive tool. I hope its not simply a harbinger that my sweet sister will need to have the aptly named "caesarian section" - she has her heart set on a natural birth.

Regardless, I think I'll walk down to the book store right now and get a copy of that play. What better way is there to wait for a baby to be born than to read about betrayal and deceit? Perhaps I'll give the book to my sister when I go.

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