Wednesday, May 7, 2008

What you miss when you don't have a TV...

I am coming up on my year anniversary at my tiny little city apartment, and also on the big YEAR OF NO TV.

I actually thought I would get a small television when I moved in, but laziness and the fear of a cable bill crept in and I procrasinated it... slowly fostering a certain intellectual smugness of being above the time-suck-machine.

There are alot of pros:
- Less pull to go all-materialistic and replace everything you own on a weekly basis.
- Less pull to eat large amounts of food that pushed every 3 - 5 minutes by advertisers.
- More time to read, watch movies, and do fun stuff in the city, since I'm not "missing my favorite show."
- No cable bill.

There are a few cons:
- Can't watch the Clinton-Obama debates.
- Have NO IDEA that Karl Rove is now a Fox News analyst (Fair and Balanced my ass).
- Hard to have a nice, relaxing sick day without some zone-out time with the TV.
- Philly-wireless is awful and doesn't let me watch LOST without timing out 10 times.

So I'll enjoy my time and solitude while it lasts. I'm certain that if I ever live with another human being again, they won't go for being TV-less.

In the meantime, maybe tonight I'll take a long walk and then do some laundry and watch some more of Rabbit-Proof Fence. I'll have more to say about that tomorrow.

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