Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Get your laws off my little Aryan swimmers...

I am kind of appalled. Shocked. Confused. Saddened.

It is still so important to rich, white, Americans to have little blond babies that the Washington Post is reporting on this.

The article is about the new restrictions about importing sperm from overseas and the outcry it has caused. Parents wanting Danish, French, and British sperm are no longer able to get it at American sperm banks. One woman has even been flying to Denmark to try to conceive a "full-sibling" using the same sperm donor as her first daughter.

Not only are the wonderful, adorable children that are available here in the US for adoption not good enough for these people, but now even the sperm available here in the US is not good enough. Clearly White in the US is not white enough.

This is the very height of privilege. And its nasty undercurrent is racism. Forget all your arguments of wanting to "preserve your heritage" that's just another way of saying that you want your racial purity and you want it now.

...but I guess you don't want to hear from this mad cow either.

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