Friday, August 1, 2008

Relax. Don't work so hard.

It's Friday. The weekend stretches out before you. The work week is nearly done.

Time for you to relax.

Yesterday in my yoga class, we were supposed to identify when we felt tension, take a deep breath, then let it go... the breath, the tension, and anything else we are holding onto.

My yoga teacher says that illness is caused by stagnant energy. That if we pay attention to our bodies - in their entirety, then we can live stronger and healthier lives. She had us do a meditation on our internal organs. In the meditation she had us think about our gallbladder, imagine it. What does it look like, what does it do, what does it need to be doing.

I had trouble with this, partially because at the time we were in Supta Virasana

Really all I wanted to do was get back up, straighten my legs and work my way into corpse pose. I eventually relaxed enough that I could try to do what she was saying, but I didn't do a very good job of picturing my gallbladder. In my mind it looked kind of like a limp and shriveled phallus - knowing that its mostly vestigial at this point in evolutionary history, I had a different image of it...

So maybe tomorrow when I'm on my yoga mat I'll try again... imagining a nice healthy zucchini, instead of a withered member of little or no use.

I know, you all are like "Woah, Kathryn, you started off all normal and now you're all yoga-weirdo on us... Don't you have another blog for that nonsense?"

Why yes, yes I do. But I'm going to start using that as a way to track my progress in Operation Wonder Woman (stronger, lighter, faster, richer). It's gonna be boring, but if you have no life or are obsessed with mine, then mosey on over and take a look at what I had for breakfast. If that's what floats your boat!

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