Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ah, now I understand!

I started babysitting at 9 years old - for a sweet two year old boy from my church. I was way too young and I made lots of mistakes, but he and I both survived. That was the beginning of a very lucrative career of childcare that continued well into college. I also taught Sunday school and worked in the church nurseries of two different churches.

None of that has prepared me for the last seven weeks.

John Wilmot has an oft used quote: Before I got married I had six theories about bringing up children; now I have six children, and no theories. That exactly describes the predicament in which I find myself: the perennial know-it-all about childcare now knows nothing and trusts nothing.

So, I have apologized to my sister and my best friend for not fully understanding the struggles that they had in making decisions with their children - especially amidst the early motherhood 'fog' that I now know so well. And I have pledged to a public apology here to anyone else that I might have judged, either vocally or secretly. You parents out there are awesome, and I had no idea how hard you had to work to make your beautiful children the wonderful people they are today! Great job.

May I be half as successful.

Now, an update.

Here is my sweet Emmah on the way to her baptism last weekend. We didn't end up using my christening gown, because it made her look like an old porcelain doll that had been holed up in some crazy lady's attic for too many years. At the last minute we got this outfit. My dad said the bonnet was overkill. He was wrong. (well, judge for yourself...)

We are very excited to be going to my cousin's wedding in a few weeks. We plan on matching our baby to our luggage- I think it will make the baggage carousel infinitely easier and more fun:

Our little tiny daughter seems to have doubled in size... she easily fits into 3 month clothing at 7 weeks old. I am no longer worried that the 3 to 6 month summer clothing will not get used, instead I am concerned that she will outgrow all the clothes we have for her in the next few weeks, and will start stealing my favorite t-shirt to wear to the mall.

(P.S. Thanks Auntie Laura for my new favorite summer rompers... here's a sneak peak)

Wow, that was fun... typing with both hands, finishing a whole blog post. Now, I sincerely hope the time that it took me does not mean I will not get a shower and breakfast before the girl wakes up... that's the way life is these days: it's all about choices with the 20 minutes of time that a nap allows.

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