Saturday, July 31, 2010

Elegant Baby

There is a rich choreography that happens at night in our house. Our sweet girl twists and turns to expose her hands and feet. The elegance and grace continues, as she deftly lifts her hands and feet in the air. First, the hands come up and wave about, then the feet come up together, high in the air.

Then she farts.

It happens usually at 2am, usually it does not wake her up.

The other thing she does that cracks us up, is whenever you set up a certain yellow highlighter, she goes for it.

With her forehead.

Once she has head-butted it, she can relax, but not until then.

She never reaches for it with her hands.

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william said...

Kath, We are filled joy as we read your blog and think about you tree thank you so much!!! Love DAD