Friday, November 17, 2006

How do you maintain balance between giving and receiving?

As the holidays are approaching so quickly after my recent health issues, I'm left wondering how to maintain a balance between giving and receiving.

Historically, I have been the type of person that is more comfortable giving. I love to buy and wrap presents. I love to think about each person thoughtfully. I really love making and writing cards.

Lately though, I've had so little energy that I've been more concerned with getting what I need than enjoying giving. I need to pay my medical bills. I need a new dishwasher. I need to eat well and be gentle with myself which means carefully planned indulgences.

I'm ready now to begin to think about giving. I think I'll begin by searching for gratitute. I am extremely grateful for the wonderful friends and family that support me, and I WILL begin this holiday season by thanking them for their kindness and contributions to my already rich life. Perhaps that will be enough for them to know I love them.

I hope so.

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