Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Why call it Mindful Integration?

Mindful Integration is a phrase that is used throughout new age circles - from yoga to quantum physics - to create strong connections. Often used to describe the practice of a mind-body connection, but also often used with any number of seemingly separate things that are somehow inextricably linked.

The term perfectly describes that which I am trying to create: the mindful integration of seemingly separate entities. In a world where we are separated in a miriad of different ways, I want to find a way to bring us back together.

Ideally, Mindful Integration will eventually become a center where people can come to integrate themselves. A place where races mix, generations comingle, cultures clash, art and health are plentiful, and ideas are developed and exchanged. I want to create a safe place for people to come and create. Perhaps they need to create something tangible, or perhaps they just need the right encouragement to create something safe for themselves internally.

When we have that inner security, we are able to creatively move towards something larger and more positive.

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