Monday, November 20, 2006


Much of my art work is about transitions. The Lifecycles project is meant to highlight the fact that everything around us has a life cycle. Even things that are meant to be permanent, are in fact changing and moving to their next state of being.

By highlighting the temporal nature of our lives, I hope to ease the anxiety that is felt by transitions. Often it seems to take a strength we do not possess to move from one way of life to another. Yet we all have major transitions: we move, we breakup, we change jobs, we get married, we have children, we lose children, we have illness, and ultimately we die.

Often we put so much pressure on ourselves to try to be perfect, even in the face of transition. But sometimes, all we can manage is to breathe in and out... we can only just barely make sure that our heart still beats and we wait. We wait until it gets easier, because eventually it always does.

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