Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The passing of loved ones.

The death of Bebe Moore Campbell has me thinking about the passing of loved ones. Her story has always been inspiring to me... bright and talented young woman meets her first book's editor in the ladies room of a conference at Howard University.

Hearing of the randomness of people's "big breaks" and how small they often start gives me hope that there is something larger out there for me. But she took the reins of her life firmly in hand and created masterful literary works that hold a mirror to our world and challenge us to change the way we think.

In Age of Iron, the main character, during her protracted illness, thinks that "now is the time for heroism..." and sits with the knowledge that it is no longer enough just to be a good person. I'm left wondering how to make that happen. How does one begin the quest that results in heroism?

I know that I never met Ms. Campbell, but I am lucky to have known her characters, and have been acquainted with some of her friends and family - who I now send my deepest condolences.

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