Friday, June 1, 2007

For Emily

I have a new reader... yay! But my friend Emily seems to be most interested in posts that relate to her in some way. (See her comment on the post back in March that corrects the type of dog Ben is. Rat terrier sounds so menacing though. Chihuahua conveys the small, sweet, nervous temperament in a better way. Oh well, whatever)

So the reason that this post is for Emily is because I was dreaming about her this morning. (not in a weird way... stop thinking like that you pervs) Emily is the Rentals/Events person at the college. In the dream though, I was planning a large wedding for her.

It was kind of odd, because she was waiting for me to do a couple of last minute things, but I was running late. Then the alarm clock went off and me snoozing it became part of the dream. Every time I snoozed it Emily was standing there in her wedding dress, arms crossed, waiting for me to finish what she needed.

Sorry Emily. Didn't mean to keep you waiting so long.

1 comment:

emily said...

i forgive you.

i hope you know that no matter how shallow, self absorbed, or malicious i may come across as; i really truly love the hell out of you.