Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Babbling Brooke, Prattling on...

Here I am at Pratt for a conference, and I'm having a few moments of realization.

First, I talk too much.

Second, when I'm done talking too much, I don't want to talk at all.

I've always been this way. My mom's nickname for me during the moments of talking is "Brooke" as in a babbling brook. But on the flip side, when I get tired or overwhelmed, I need to have quiet and a bit of an escape.

So this blog is my escape for right now. I'm too braindead from talking to worry about form, function, and readability, so I'm sorry if it's not up to snuff and if it feels like a string of non-sequitors.

Speaking of non-sequitors, I met a lovely woman who is the Artist Resource Coordinator at Columbia. We have alot in common... she's Haitian, studied French in college, loves Rodin, etc. I hope I can get to know her better over the course of the next few days. Her name is Marjorie.

I also realized that I'm pretty knowledgeable about what I do. Alot of the presenters were saying things I already know or doing things we've tried... so I'm feeling pretty good about things. I did find myself looking around the room coveting people's jobs... I want to be at Columia, NYU, MICA, RISD and the like. Well, I guess it's better than thinking... "ugh, what a bunch of losers".

Oh, and my room here looks like a prison cell. The shower has no shower curtain and the bed is not comfortable. But I'm glad I'm getting a taste of being by myself in a very small space. At least in my new apartment things will be comfortable!

Alright, enough babbling. I'm off to find my boss and see about dinner, since none of my friends can hang out tonight.

Missing my Philly crew... much love Philly... see you Friday night!

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