Thursday, June 28, 2007

Priorities people!

Please refer to this article on the Washington Post website today:

It's about the frenzy for the new IPhone. It's not your usual story about the crazy consumer drones that wait in line for the new phone for days on end... no, this article is about a company that will create a diversion so huge, people will get out of line so you can be assured to get your coveted phone without days of waiting.

"Over Here, Jerks Inc., includes a dozen stuntmen, a few chinchillas, bearded-dragon lizards and a goat."


That's it. The end is near. We've lost all hope of ever being a species that is worth the air we breathe.

There are some people that are using this media attention for good: another man in line is raising $5000 for the Taproot Foundation. There's a win-win: he gets his phone and his favorite charity gets $5000.

Still, how many of us are quick to say that we don't have money to give to charity, but then we'll find a way to buy a fancy new phone or a new pair of shoes. I know that I'm often guilty of that. Maybe we could work just a little bit harder at helping the people around us get what they need and not worry quite so much about accummulating endless amounts of stuff that will be obsolete in a year or two.

I can't compete. I don't want to compete. You win. You have the new phone and I do not. There. Are you happy yet?


Grimmer said...

"Over Here, Jerks!" donates 10% of its proceeds to the Mosio Project. It seems the media isn't so thorough -- surprise, surprise.

Kathryn said...

Thanks for visiting, grimmer, and thanks for the information. Good to know that if I ever need a chinchilla distraction or something that a portion of my money will be going to charity.

What's the Mosio project? Are you affiliated with either organization? Just curious. Best wishes to you...

Grimmer said...