Friday, June 15, 2007

Goodbye Brooklyn, Hello Center City

Why did I plan my move the day after a week away? Now I don't want to go home and deal. I know I'm mostly prepared, but I'm scared. This is what I'm scared of:

1- That my friends secretly resent me. No one likes to move. No one actually wants to help me move. I only responded "yes, I'd love your help" to those that offered, but I hope I'm not taking advantage of anyone's kindness.

2- I haven't lived by myself since 1998. And only for one year. What if I'm lonely? What if I hate it? What if I'm stalked?

3- I don't have the funds to buy everything I need right now. So I'm nervous about living like a squatter and feeling like I've made a mistake. Maybe I should set a rule: NO JUDGEMENTS ABOUT LIVING IN THE CITY UNTIL LABOR DAY. That will give me time to get settled in and see how I like it. It will also give me time to set up a routine, reconnect with city people that I don't see very often, and buy some creature comforts. Why are they called "creature" comforts anyway? Or have I mixed my metaphors or something.

4- I'm tired. When I'm tired, I'm emotional. My most common emotion is fear. Thus tiredness=fear.

Okay, thanks for letting me vent. I feel a little better. Thanks to everyone that's helping tomorrow! I really couldn't survive if it weren't for all of you. Or maybe I could, but it would not be as fun. I hope that tomorrow is fun and light... full of laughter and fun for everyone. I hope that I can convey my thanks to my friends. I wish I could have made little thank you gifts for everyone while I was here this week... that would have been nice. But I didn't, so a simple "thank you" will have to suffice for now.

And remember I told you about the woman I met here named Marjorie. She and I are going to exchange ghost stories. You all remember my post on that topic from awhile back. If you have ghost stories... Can we share? Real ones that you've experienced, not hollywood or rumor.

Talk to you soon. Tuesday probably... cross your fingers for an easy weekend! Love and thanks to you all.

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emily said...

moving was fun! of course i think i carried about one box up one flight of stairs... thats what happens when you have so many people to help. just know that you are more than welcome to come over whenever you feel lonely (or, if youd rather, i can be in your living room in about 3 minutes). <3