Friday, September 12, 2008

Getting stood up. Oh and xanax.

I love working with students. I love them. They are so appreciative. They are so hard-working. They are so forgetful. This time of year, I pack my schedule with 6 or 7 appointments a day and often times students simply forget.

For this I'm grateful.

Days like today, when I'm tired or emotional or overwhelmed with stuff, I really count on having some extra time to linger on special projects, catch up with stuff, and well... unleash some words and feelings from my brain.

This week I have been stood up by two of my favorite students. Each time I felt conflicted. Happy for the time, sad at not having the time to hear their plans, their goals, and their progress. I get over it quickly when I realize I have time to check email or follow up on a forgotten pile of stuff on my desk.

Now: Xanax.

I had an MRI yesterday. Nothing serious, just checking stuff out... a little internal inventory of sorts.

Problem: I hate them.

Enter Xanax. And a sweet nurse that gave me the best visualization exercise ever and problem solved!!! I didn't hyperventilate. I didn't cry. I didn't die. Instead I mentally built my dream house by the beach and let the "jackhammer" that horrible MRI sound help me add a feeling of reality to the process.

Why does no one talk about that feeling that happens during an MRI - that feeling of things moving on an almost cellular level - the pulling sensation? It's crazy.

Alright, happy weekend to you all. Kisses and more next week...

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