Tuesday, September 9, 2008

On Asking for Help, Campfires, and Books.

First thing, Most people hate to ask for help - I know. Some people hate even small asks like "I want new roller shades and need help finding patterned ones"... well, I hear you...I have had to ask for alot of help lately: first this weekend I got stranded and had to call to get a ride when a stupid, stupid cab company decided that picking people up and getting paid for it was NOT what they wanted to do for a living, instead they decided that they might prefer to tell people to wait for an hour or so and then suggest they walk home... but not use words that have it come across as nicely as I said it. Now I need help to go to a doctor's appointment. I feel very guilty. I never want to feel like work to the people I love. But today I feel like maybe I'm beginning to feel like work to them. I should probably talk to them about this instead of the internet, but you all are such good listeners. Man, it's like therapy except quieter.

Next thing, I am kind of a lazy cook. I can make good things once and awhile, but given the choice between picking up take-out and a preparing a three-course meal, I will always choose take-out. So when I find articles on the internet that describe things like Camp Fire Cream Puffs, I think "um, I want this person who created this amazing thing to come to all my campfires." And "I will never be the person who creates these amazing things."

Now, if someone were to start using Camp Fire Cream Puff as my new nickname, it would totally make sense. ... Soft and sweet and way too fancy for camping... Feel free - use it... I won't even flinch.

Thirdly and most importantly, my sweet and gorgeous friend Gina is back in PA! Welcome back Gina! Not only has she been busy doctoring, but she's found time to have the two of the cutest, most wonderful children ever. AND she wants to start a book club. Well, I LOVE BOOKS! AND CLUBS! AND APPARENTLY CAPITAL LETTERS AND EXCLAMATION POINTS! So if there are any lurkers out there that are totally normal, living in the Delaware Valley, and interested in joining us, let me know! The first book is AGE OF IRON by J. M. Coetzee.

Anyone that has already received this book from me as a gift or had me give it to them to read... or even just wants to read it and participate from afar... feel free to chime in virtually in the comments. Or via email. Whatever. I'll save your responses and maybe we'll read them at the club. Sort of like they do on television talk-shows "... this just in from a reader in Connecticut... Dear Kathryn: I think your taste in books sucks and you can bite me..." Okay, be nicer than that, please. But if that is the way you like to talk to people, I think I know a cab company you can work for.

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