Monday, October 20, 2008

This Morning: Gratitude.

It's a crisp, autumn day in Philadelphia. Birds are singing. Squirrels are gathering. Life is good. All is wholesome and clean.

In my post-Atlanta preparations-weekend, I took a cab to the park, then had a walk through the park to my local Starbucks to say hi to my barista friends and get my chai.

First, the nice landscaping man stopped his blower while I walked by, then I had an interesting exchange with two young homeless men:

Here is the conversation:

Homeless Man 1 and Homeless Man 2 (in unison): Good Morning, Lady!

Me: Good Morning.

Homeless Man 1: How are you this lovely day?

Me: Fine, How are you? (almost past him)

Homeless Man 1: (calling behind me) I'd be better if I had you! Then I wouldn't be sitting here!

It was sobering. A truly sobering reminder that without our friends and family, we are all a few bad decisions away from that bench.

I am truly grateful for all the wonderful people in my life. All of you contribute to my well-being in such a meaningful way and I am humbled by your input in my life right now - and always.

Thank you.

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