Saturday, October 4, 2008

An Interview with Charles

Many many months ago, Charles and I were talking about this blog. "I mention you, but I don't ever go into specifics." I said.

"When you do, it will be big." was his response.

So here is an interview with Charles, my beloved, conducted on the way back from Atlanta last night.

Me: So Charles, my loyal readers want to know more about you. Tell us a few things that you cannot live without.

Charles: (laughs) Okay. First, sembe [author note: sembe, or ugali in swahili, is an east african food staple. Made from maize flour, when hot it is like maize mashed potatoes and is used to eat stew - like a soft spoon, when cold it is like a cross between corn bread and grits and is delicious with tea.] For the last 8 years, I have been without, but I cannot live without my drum. For the last two years, you. And finally, Family. Family is an asset you cannot live without.

Me: What made you talk to me that day that we met?

Charles: (laughing again) Marasas. [author note: a sheng word for a body part]

Me: Oh! I figured that, because I was straight from the gym

Charles: luminous.

Me: up and I was wearing this sweater but I was wearing tight pants.

Charles: ...yes, luminous tight pants.

Me: Now that you know me better, what keeps you talking to me?

Charles: I love making friends and I don't like losing them. Our friendship has taken us to the next level. So I will talk to you everyday.

Me: So when you think about the future, what do you want? Tell me things that include your career, your personal life and your finances.

Charles: I want to finish my education. That is important to me. I am so in love with sports, and I would like to work as a strength coach or a physical trainer. I would love to bring up a healthy family in the way that I was brought up by my late father and mother. Lastly I would like to start a nonprofit organization for people that are financially unstable and/or an afterschool program to keep kids active and away from stealing and mugging people.

Me: Anything else that the people should know about you?

Charles: Smiling, I am always smiling. I may seem shy, but I love to sing. And philantropy is very important to me.

Me: Thank you, that is wonderful.

Charles: Now, shall we try this crossword puzzle?

Me: Yes, let's go!

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Kali said...

YAY! So nice to meet Charles--now tell Maria to put information about George!