Friday, February 13, 2009

Help! I need advice from my loyal readers...

Okay, all you lurkers, now I need your advice.

I have a part-time writing thing that I want to apply to. But I am supposed to submit pieces in my area of expertise. What is that?!?

Are there subjects that you enjoy reading from me? Are there things that you look forward to? I need your advice.

Let me know by leaving a comment or emailing me over the weekend.

Thanks... I'll take you out for a drink if I get the job.

1 comment:

John Paxton said...


I think you should submit the writing that you're most passionate about. You've written beutifully about injustice, hunger and inequity. When you write on those topics, I feel you are pouring your heart out on the page. Which is when one writes best.

But, you know, throw in one or two pieces of work on the weird commuting and walking around Philly experiences. They're very good "slice of life" pieces.