Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What killed the dinosaurs.

Or more like, what will kill the dinosaurs... fungus.

Click on the word fungus and you will be transported to a truly terrifying article. An article about rust. Not the rust that creeps onto your bumper after a fender-bender, but the rust fungus that has the capacity to kill a farmer's entire crop.

Why is this so terrifying?

Well, let me tell you. First, with nearly 10 million people in Kenya already teetering on the edge of famine due to the drought this season, if you add to that the potential of this fungus, you are faced with a food shortage of massive proportions.

The wealthy white farmer in the article talks of having to treat his field several times and is still left with an abysmal harvest. The other farmer in the article has lost everything.

Now let's return to the picture of the Sudanese family in the refugee camp in Chad from several posts ago... now picture the amount of grain they are able to afford cut in half, then cut in half again.

I hope that this time the scientific community will be taken seriously and that some resources can be put into helping farmers without means get appropriate amounts fungicide - before the worst happens.

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