Thursday, February 12, 2009

Windy city.

Okay, not THE windy city, but Philly is giving Chicago a run for its money today.

After being startled awake several times by rattling windows, I had an interesting experience on my walk from the train station to my office.

A car bumper blew into me.

That's right, a portion of a car's bumper blew into me at a very rapid rate. Thankfully, it was mostly foam - a fact that I did not know about car bumpers.

I would have taken a picture with my phone, but I was carrying my boss' birthday present. While it was a tasteful, small, day-after-layoffs, recession-friendly present, it still hampered my picture-taking abilities.

Alright, well I gotta get to work. The pressure is on. Besides, I have to leave on time so I can see my husband this fine evening. I can't wait.

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